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We are committed to helping you make money online as a webcam model. If you are not getting the results you want from the training program, let's schedule a time time to work 1:1 together to help boost your earnings and improve your camgirl income. We're here to help you learn how to be a camgirl, and being a camgirl starts with showing up to stream. 

What to expect in your 30-60 minute Camgirl Coaching Session:

  • We will meet in private live chat to discuss your goals, your training, and your progress. (clients can't see our chat)
  • We will review your coaching request form (below) and help identify ways to improve your earnings. 
  • We may help you set a schedule for your performances. 
  • We will recommend strategies and techniques to help you succeed. 
  • We may observe you streaming live on a major cam network while providing you real time feedback in our chat widget to help you avoid freeloaders and hustlers. (clients can't see our chat)  
  • We may help you make money online DURING our session and show you how to be a camgirl online. 
  • We will provide you with a Confirmed Coaching Session ID at the end of the session and send you further feedback to help you improve your earnings. 



We create the coaching experience together. If you need help with the interface, let's do that. If you need help in live chat, let's do that. We will help you make money as a cam model. That is what we're here for. 

Coaching Session Request Form

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Provide a link to the camgirl profile on a major partner network we can see you stream live on during coaching.
Please provide any additional information that will be helpful in processing your refund request.