Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Where can I watch other live cam girls?

A lot of newbie cam models get caught in the 'analyze other models' trap and never get to the 'show up to make money' part of the cam game. (that's the good part!) If you want to watch other internet models you can see live webcam girls performing 24/7 at FlirtyLive. Be careful, though. Don't get caught up in research mode! Click here: http://www.flirtylivecamgirls.com

Is being a webcam girl a real job?

Yes. You can make money as a webcam model. The money is real. Most companies hire you as an independent contractor instead of an employee. That means YOU get to set your schedule, YOU provide your equipment, and YOU pay your own taxes.

Is this a cam site I can stream on?

No. CamgirlHandbook is not a Network Partner site, it is a training site for cam models.

Is being a webcam model for me?

Only you can decide if being a webcam model is right for you. Do a little research, take some courses from the CamgirlHandbook, and think on it. If it feels right for you, we can help you get trained.

How much should I charge for shows?

You are in control of the rates you choose. If you start low, you are in cheap / freeloader territory. If you start high, you are expected to back up the rate with experience. Don't worry. We go into detail on how to choose your rates in the CamgirlHandbook. We'll help you find the right balance.

How much money can I make as a webcam model?

Most models start somewhere around $15-25 / hour on private chat sites, but it's all variable and up to you. Tip based / token sites around $10-20/ hour, too. Many models earn $500+ per day after gaining a little experience, but plan on $100-200 a day to start depending on how many hours you put in and what site you are working on. It's ALL up to you. *earnings disclaimer

Can I block people in my city, state, or country from seeing my profile?

Yes. Most Network Partners offer a feature called "geographic restrictions" or "geo restrictions". This allows you to block logged in clients from viewing your profile or stream withing certain geographic areas (like cities or states).

How long does it take to get paid?

Most sites pay every two weeks. Some sites pay weekly. It depends on the Network Partner you stream with. 

Where can I work from?

Most Network Partners only require you to have access to an internet connection. That means you can work from anywhere you have internet, a computer, and a webcam. It's up to you. Most people work out of their bedroom at home.

If I don't like the webcam job can I quit?

Yes. You should never feel obligated to continue working or taking on shows. Most Network Partners hire you as an independent contractor. You don't even have to 'quit' you simply stop showing up to your webcam job.

Do I have to get naked at my webcam job?

No. You never have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Most clients expect to see nudity, as is the nature of the industry, but there are categories on most sites called "Non-Nude" or "Clothed Female, Nude Male" that you can cam in. Do I have to try to get customers to come into my room?
No. Most Network Partners have access to MILLIONS of customers daily. All you really need to do is show up and start chatting with people who are already in your chat room. If your partner site is not sending you traffic, find another site. You do NOT need to find your own traffic to make money with a webcam job.

What schedule should I work as a webcam model ?

The industry operates 24/7. You will see waves of client traffic when people wake up, take lunch, and go to work. Holidays get a little slow. There's always someone around, though. If people are sleeping in New York, they are waking up in Ireland. Pick a schedule that matches YOUR life.

What equipment do I need to broadcast live camgirl shows?

A webcam, an internet connection, a microphone, and a computer. Usually the microphone is built into the webcam.

Should I pay taxes on webcam income?

YES! Yes, absolutely, yes! Most Network Partners send payments from a discreet parent company so you don't have to explain awkwardly to your roommates or the accountant how you earned the money. You should definitely pay taxes. *legal & advice disclaimer

Are live cam girls actually safe?

If you keep your identity, location, and private details to yourself, you should have nothing to worry about. Many models have been camming for years without any issues. If you share personal details, you compromise your safety, so BE DISCREET and use a stage name / location.